House of Clocks – German cuckoo clocks

The House of Clocks offers original Black Forest cuckoo clocks made by Schneider, Engstler and Hoenes. Also a huge selection of German souvenirs li…

Cuckoo clocks made by Hubert Herr, Rombach & Haas, Schwer and Hekas

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Designer floor and traditional grandfathers, wall, mantel, carriage, anniversaries, genuine Black Forest cuckoos, marine, Reuge music boxes, porcelain delft miniatures.

Cuckoo Clockologist – Clocks repaired quickly and efficiently.

We specialize in repair of Cuckoo Clocks. We specialize in repair of Cuckoo clocks and Musical Bird Cages. Bring it for repair, mail it for repair, ship it for repair. We also sell unique Cuckoo Clocks.